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ISLA alpaca beret

ISLA alpaca beret

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Our soft and fluffy chic beret is a classic favourite. Very flattering, warm and feminine.  Will help keep you cosy from head to toe. 

Handknitted by our artisan partners in Peru

100% alpaca.

Handwash when required. Wool has natural self cleaning so can easily be refreshed by simply hanging outside to air. Natural and easy. 


26 cm


26 cm


100% alpaca wool

Care information

Handwash in cold water with mild detergent.
Do not wring, gently squeeze out water.
Reshape and lay flat on towel.
Wrap in towel to soak up moisture.

Store woollens in clean drawers, wardrobes with natural essential oils with a strong fragrance such as lavender, cedar wood, rosemary or lemongrass.

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